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Post by Cloud on April 14th 2013, 7:45 pm

Forum Rules:
Our forum's rules have been numbered and whittled down to make reading the rules less intimidating. 10 simple, reasonable rules. Failure to follow these rules will result in a warning or even a ban.

1. No flaming. This includes insulting any user of any rank or status, including banned members.

2. No spamming. This includes making downright worthless posts, or making posts that add little or no relevance to the topic.

3. No advertising. Technically, this could be treated as spamming if you advertise frequently, but advertising/posting links to other websites or products, especially if they're commercial. You may reference to a website, but don't link unless you're asked/required (ex. Download Links/Pictures) to do so.

4. Don't ask for power. The management decides what positions a member will have, not the member him/herself. It's fine if you think that someone else should/shouldn't be a staff member, but if you're going to post your opinion, do so in a rational manner.

5. Show respect towards other users, especially toward moderators and administrators. This rule is profoundly important, as it breaks rule #1, and when this rule is followed, makes the forum nicer than forums that lack respect.

6. No illegal content. This includes material that violates federal or international law, such as ROMs, child/adult pornography, or downloads to illegal hacks or exploits. This also includes download links to SMBX.

7. Act in a mature, composed manner. Occasionally joking around is fine, but we won't allow you to act like a six-year old all the time. COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) is not in use on these forums, but will still be banned if you act whiny/immature.

8. Don't post sexual content. This is somewhat covered in rule #6, but not enough. This includes any kind of sexual material, including suggestive themes and suggestive posts.

9. Don't be racist/discriminate against others because of their religion, beliefs, race, etc.

10. If there are any large images in your signature, please put them in a spoiler.

As stated before, we reserve the right to ban anyone who willfully violates these rules. Thank you, and use the forums responsibly.


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